Simply watercolor class (Day 4)

Hi guys! I am back for another day of Kristina Werner’s Simply watercolor class.  I was super excited for this class because I wanted to play around making starry night skies or galaxies.

Day 4: Landscapes and Nature

First lesson: Simple landscape

Here I had a trouble with the washi tape I used to mark off the border of my landscape and the colors leaked creating blurry borders. I didn’t like it so I cut off my landscape and adhered it to a card front.


Second lesson: Starry Sky

Here is my blue-green starry sky, which I love!! I can believe how good it came out. The key was to make sure the tape was well secured so the colors wouldn’t bleed underneath the tape.


I had so much fun, that I made a second starry sky.


I finished both of my skies using border stamps from Pinkfresh studio.

Supplies used: 

  1. 12-color watercolor set (Any set you have works!)
  2. Washi tape or painters tape
  3. Canson XL watercolor paper; 140lb cold press (Amz)
  4. Flat #9 brush from the Benicci 15-pieces set (Amz)
  5. Round #5 brush from the Benicci 15-pieces set (Amz)
  6. Round #2 brush from the Benicci 15-pieces set (Amz)
  7. Sakura Pigma Micron 05 pen (Amz)
  8. Pink Fresh Studio’s  Lovely Borders stamp set (SB)
  9. Sakura Gelly white pen (Amz)
  10.  Tombow plastic eraser (Amz)
  11. T ruler (Amz)


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