Simply watercolor class (Day 3)

I am back for day 3 of Kristina Werner’s Simply watercolor class. I am having a lot of fun with this class!! It has been great to be pushed out of my comfort zone and create cards from scratch, without any stamps.

Day 3 – Lettering and Typography

For me, today’s challenge was to make straight lines that are actually straight.  Even with a ruler, I have problems with straight lines. I think I got carried away with the amount of water I used and that created puddles that turned into shaky lines in my letter.  I am still proud of my letter and this project was a lot of fun!

Here is my homework!


Supplies used: 

  1. 12-color watercolor set (Any set you have works!)
  2. Canson XL watercolor paper; 140lb cold press (Amz)
  3. T ruler (Amz)
  4. Round #2 brush from the Benicci 15-pieces set (Amz)
  5.  Tombow plastic eraser (Amz)


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