Simply watercolor class (Day 2)

I am back with my homework card for day two of Kristina Werner’s Simply Watercolor class. You can still join the class if you are interested (

Day 2 – Simple critters and animals

In today’s lessons, the objective was to create cute animals from simple geometric forms. I like my finished card but I still struggle to create light washed when coloring my critters.  I always end up going for bright and bold colors, even when I am trying to keep it light.

Here is the final product! I really like my cute bear, weird ears and all!


I worked really hard on this card because I want to give it to one of my best friends on her graduation day (tomorrow!!). I know she is going to love it even if is terrible, but I wanted to impress her with my watercolor skills.

I will let you know what she thinks about the card…

Supplies used:

  1. 12-color watercolor set (Any set you have works!)
  2. Canson XL watercolor paper; 140lb cold press (Amz)
  3. T ruler (Amz)
  4. Round #2 brush from the Benicci 15-pieces set (Amz)
  5.  Tombow plastic eraser (Amz)
  6. Sakura Pigma Micron 05 pen (Amz)


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